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Wooden Ashtamangala Window

Category: Astamangala

Ashtamangala Wooden Window have the eight Auspicious and glorious emblems. They are White Parasol, Two fishes, Sankha, Dhvaja, Srivatsa, Kalasa, Padma (Lotus), Chamaru (fly-whisk). These are given by celestial beings to represent gifts to Sakyamuni on his attainment of enlightenment of Buddhahood. The white parasol protects one from evil desires. The two fishes symbolising beings rescued from the ocean of misery of earth existence. Sankha the white conch-shell (Seashell), symbolises the blessedness of turning to the right and proclaim the glory pf the saints by its humming sound. Dhvaja, the banner signifies the victory of Buddhism. Srivatsa, endless knot or mystic diagram, symbolises of the endless cycles of rebirth. Kalash, the vase; the treasury of all spiritual wealth and it also holds Aparimita the water elixir immortality. Padma, Lotus symbolises of purity. Chamaru, fly-whisk; symbolises manifestations of Tantra, it is made of yak tail attached with silver staff. It is used during ritual recitation and fanning the deities on an auspicious religious ceremony.

Product Description

Material: Hollow Wood (Karma Wood in Nepali).

Dimension: 23 inches * 26 inches

Colour: Black

Time to make: Around 1 Month

Weight: 5.5 kg

SAHCODE: S1-5023

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