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Hand crafted wooden small stupa pagoda

Category: Stupa
Size: Less than 8 inches
Made of: Wood
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Stupa is also called Chaitya. Stupa is used in place where we do meditation. In previous time, Stupa was used for keeping relics.  It’s a very beautiful structure that invites peace. People do circumambulation around stupa, it is very important ritual in Buddhism. The stupa symbolizes the five elements of our body have made with and the relationship between all these elements. That is the essential attributes of a fully realised human being, the base of the stupa signifies earth and equanimity, the dome represents water and indestructibility; spire represents fire and compassion; above the spire signifies all accomplishing action; the very top, jewel represents space and all-pervading awareness.

Product Description

Material: Teak Wood.

Dimension: 12 cm Height

Colour: Yellow, White, and pink.

Time to make: Around 1 weeks

SAHCODE: S1-5004

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