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Hand crafted Tibetan Buddhist Wooden Prayer Mani Wheel

Category: Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheel: It is a device for spreading spiritual blessings and well being. A prayer wheel is very powerful in purifying the mind and in accumulating extensive merits. The benefits of prayer wheel are: it embodies all the actions of the Buddha and bodhisattvas of the 10 directions. The Buddha and Bodhisattvas manifest in the prayer wheel to purify all our negative karma and obscuration and cause us to actualize the realizations of the path to enlightenment. If you have a mani wheel (Tibetan word for prayer wheel) in your house, your house is the same as the pure land of Compassion Buddha.

Product Description

Material: Teak Wood.

Dimension: 12 cm length and 21 cm Height

Colour: Bit Black

Time to make: Around 2 days

SAHCODE: S1-5001

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