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Hand crafted silver Lion for decoration

Category: Lion

Lion is a king of beasts comes roaring into our spiritual journey with raw power, courage, and aggressiveness. Chinese Buddhist portrays the lion as a creature of great majesty. It is believed that lions safeguard human from ghosts and demons. Lioness spirit likes people who nurture and protect the weak. When lion accompanies you in life you will learn much about banishing fear and self-expression. Spiritual leaders who have a lion guide aggressively protect their faith against false images. When lion as a spirit animal roars its presence in your life, this majestic cat comes with uncommon strength and vitality.

Product Description

Material: It is Silver.

Dimension: Around 9 cm Height

Time to make: 2 to 3 months

Weight: 0.506 kg

SAHCODE: S1-1062

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