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Crystal Akshobhya Sculpture

Category: Akshobhya
Size: Around 12 Inches
Made of: Crystal
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Akshobhaya is one of the five Tathagatas symbolizing Mirror-like Wisdom (Skt. Adarsa Jnana) which means wisdom like space, all-pervasive, without periphery and characteristics. Akshobhaya is the essence of a purified form of hatred. As in a mirror, every visible object reflects so the knowledge of dharmakaya reflects in our mind. The image of Akshobhaya Buddha is generally placed in the east in the stupa. It is blue. He exhibits an earth-touching gesture (Bhumisparsa mudra). Akshobhaya is the next important among the Dhyani Buddhas. Nepalese Buddhist regard Akshobhaya as the second Dhyani Buddha.

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