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Copper with Gold plaited having turquoise statue of Dukkar

Category: Dukkar

Dukkar: Dukkar is one of the most complex deities in the Tibetan Buddhist Pantheon. Dukkar is also known as Sitatapatra in Sanskrit. Prayer to Dukkar fortifies our body so strongly that spirits literally cannot invade. She is very healing and helps to strengthen the body against physical problems. Dukkar practice is very effective for purifying the Karma for being wrongly accused such as in arguments or legal cases. She will be beneficial for those who travel often and who are exposed to risks and dangers daily. Dukkar grants powerful protection from over 60 classes spirits if someone recites her mantra. Her Mantra is :


Product Description

Material: It is Copper with Gold plaited having turquoise.

Dimension: Around 62 cm Height

Time to make: 2 to 3 months

Weight: 8.75 kg

SAHCODE: S1-1036

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