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Copper with gold plaited Beads in 2.5 cm diameter having Ashtamangala Signs carved

Category: Ritual Objects
Size: Less than 8 inches
Made of: Copper
Buy from: Wholesaler

Beads are used for  tracking the number of prayer or mantra. 
For example: when we have to recite a mantra for 108 times, we really can't count and recite the mantra at the same time. So people use the beads to track the number of times he/she recite the mantra. 

The benefits of using the copper beads are
1. Copper is well known in this generation to clarify, cleanse, or strengthen the motivation that are channeled through it. Using copper beads while reciting mantra will clarify your thought, cleanse your body, and strengthen your prayer (Mantra). 

2. Copper can heal to all the chakras in the chakra system. Using copper beads while reciting a mantra can do wonder to your chakra. It will improve your health thus quality of life.

Diameter Size: 2.5 cm
Weight: 15.85 gm
Minimum Order Quantity: 50

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