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Big Stone stupa

Category: Stupa

Stupas are also called Chaitya. A stupa is used in a place where we do meditation. In past time, Stupa was used for keeping relics.  It’s a very beautiful structure that invites peace. People do circumambulation around stupas, it is a very important ritual in Buddhism. The stupa symbolizes the five elements of our body have made with and the relationship between all these elements. That is the essential attributes of a fully realized human being, the base of the stupa signifies earth and equanimity, the dome represents water and indestructibility; spire represents fire and compassion; above the spire signifies all-accomplishing action; the very top, jewel represents space and all-pervading awareness.

Product Description

Material: Black stone

Dimension: Around 76 cm height and 48 cm length

Time to make: 2 Months

Color: White

Weight: 70 Kg

SAHCODE: 2S-1000

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