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  • 2021-01-01
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Namaste, my name is Mangal Krishna Silpakar. I am a passionate wood carver, craft beauty on wood. I am a 4th generation wood carver in my family. I have learned the art of wood carving from my father and grandfather.  My great-grandfather had done stone carving and then shifted to wood carving.  I can make anything out of wood, you need to give me a picture. I can carve your face in wood.  My products increase the beauty of home, hotels, restaurants, cafe. I am having a family of 4 people. I and my wife and have 2 children.

There are some challenges we are facing. They are:

People are looking for a cheap product. The value of the wood carved product has gone down.
Most of the time people don’t pay the price they should pay. They always decrease the price that is decreasing our margin.
There is also a shortage of labor.
There is no innovation in the wood carving industry. Wood craftsman is just copying each other.
Craftsman should do innovation and make some different product rather than just copying another' product design. I want to continue with the industry of wood crafting and do well despite any challenge.

I am looking for product orders. You can buy my product Here.

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