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  • 2021-01-01
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Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree species. It usually grows at a certain altitude in the mountains – mainly in the Himalayan region. They mostly found in Nepal, Burma, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia or Hawaii.

They also found in some parts of the western ghats in South India, but the best quality comes from a certain altitude in the Himalayas. It is due to the influence of soil, atmosphere, and the environment. Himalayan Rudraksha seeds have very unique vibration. Rudraksha is the medicinal plant seed. Its botanical name is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. It has great religious significance. It is used in Indian folk remedies and Ayurvedic medicines for curing a wide range of diseases. It has its own Biomedical Implications & Benefits.

Rudraksha Beads has Paramagnetic, Electromagnetic, Dynamic Polarity and Diamagnetic so called the power to change its polarity. Rudraksha also has anti-aging properties based on their electromagnetism. When Rudraksha Beads are used or worn, they make boundary and merge with the Human body at a silent delicate level of sensibility.

In a life-supporting mode, the Rudraksha beads start a beneficial change in the bioelectric system of the Human Body due to its dielectric and magnetic properties.  As a reaction to this change in the electric makeup of our body, positive change also began in our Bio Chemical System.

It is believed and proved that Rudraksha beads have positive electromagnetic and Inductive properties. Whenever worn as mala or used as acupressure over back “vertebra” (where human chakra locates) they send out complementary signals varying for different mukhis to the neuron channels of a brain, examining particular brain chemicals and neurotransmitters thereby giving rise to states of mind as specified in ancient scriptures.

Every human being and other living things on the earth have their own Aura. Aura is the field of energy that surrounds people and other living things. Aura reflects the energy of the spirit in that body, which extends about two to four inches around the body and a light or pastel shade. It contains every color and shade, like the rainbow. It generally extends 2-5 inches around the body. Its color’s patterns and textures show information about mental physical, emotional, spiritual, karmic, environmental states. An Aura is like a thumbprint which is completely individual and expresses who you really are in all your splendors. Here Rudraksha plays a vital role in maintaining balance and recharges the aura of a human body.

Content Creator: Mahasen Pandey

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