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South Asian Handicraft (4)

Southasianhandicraft.com is the initiation of making a catalogue of Hindu, Buddhist Gods and Goddesses Statue, Thangka, Painting, Ritual items, and hand made items of different sizes made on paper, stone, wood, Metal like copper, silver, Brass crafted and carved by experienced Newari and Nepali artist. All the items (99%) are from Nepal. 

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Our company values are: Uniqueness, Co-operation, and Speed.
Our core values are five Buddhist precepts.


Our company vision is to sell every kind of Nepali, Tibetan, and Newari handicraft at affordable price globally. 

Our mission to build the platform for artisans so that they can sell their crafted item. Our purpose is to serve the customer with integrity. We want our artisan to earn respect for their work.

Note: southasianhandicraft.com is registered in a Nepal government office "Gharelu and Sana Udyog Karyalay" with the name of B.K Traders. The PAN Number is 609255995.

We are Family of handicraft Manufacturer, Craftsman, Designer, Artist, technology lover, photographer and many creative people.

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